November 26

The 67 Steps Review

Hey, it’s Aaron Jones here and thanks for joining me at the 67 steps review – a self-development program by Tai Lopez.

I understand that if you are coming to this page right now, you are deciding whether or not to purchase Tai’s 67 steps program. Hence, I would like to provide with you some insights to help you make the decision. These should be use as a step by step guide to your decision. If you answer yes to all of the steps below, I believe you should go ahead and make the purchase.

Step 1: Can you believe with what Tai says?

By that time I heard about Tai’s 67 steps program, I was already following Tai on both Youtube and Facebook for at least a few months. I have to admit some of Tai’s free content has helped me tremendously in my life. Here is an example of Tai’s sharing about humility:

It is the little content like this that Tai gives out for free every now and then that has helped not only me but many many other people in their daily life. I know some people complain about the fact the Tai shows off his Lamborghini and say that he is too materialistic. However, repudiating everything he shares because of that reason is rather illogical. First, assume that Tai is actually really materialistic, if he can add value to your life, why not take it? Second, Tai is an entrepreneur who spends his own money, and there should not be anything wrong with spending money on a hobby. Please take your time to go through Tai’s free content on Youtube: If you learn something from any of his free content, then the answer to step 1 is definitely yes.

Step 2: Cost or investment?

I believe this is a core concept that one has to understand to advance in life. A cost will not give you much in return whereas a good investment can lead to unlimited upside. But how do you decide whether spending money on Tai’s program is a cost or an investment? By the time you reach this step (assume that you follow my step by step guidelines), I believe you have answered yes to the first step, meaning that you can learn something from Tai. Thus, spending money to get more of Tai’s knowledge is definitely an investment. I cannot guarantee how much can you learn from Tai. May be you have just started out or have already been successful and look for some advancement. I do believe though, wherever you are in life, Tai has something to offer you.

Step 3: Can this program can help me make more money?

Disclaimer: This is not a get rich quick scheme. Listening to the program without taking any action or practicing what Tai teaches will not put any additional dollar into your bank account.

However, if you listen to Tai’s 67 steps and really take action and do what Tai tells you to do, you will advance very quickly in life. Just one year after joining Tai’s program, I have doubled my income from $40,000/year to $80,000+/year. I have to admit that it takes tremendous effort from myself but without the 67 steps program, it would have taken me much longer to get to where I am now.